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What is HyperVIBES?
Provenance Mining

Infuse any ERC-20 tokens inside of any ERC-721 NFT. Infused tokens can be mined and claimed by the NFT owner.

Infinite Realms

Create a fully isolated and independently configured HyperVIBES realm to run your own experiments without having to deploy a contract.

Public + Trustless

Free for everyone to use and extracts no fees. The DAO does not retain any upgrade capabilities or privileged roles.

What is HyperVIBES?
Decentralized Art Curation

Give curators the ability to infuse any NFT with a curatorial token that can be mined by collectors, rewarding those who buy and sell art with the ability to influence the network.

Social Token Distribution

Distribute an artist token in a way that incentivizes holding art over time and create a network of dynamic portals that stream a social token to the community via NFTs.

Collectibles and Gaming

Infuse NFTs with in-game resource tokens that can be claimed by the owner. Release a collectible project that infuses every NFT on mint with a community governance token.

What is provenance mining?
What is a realm?
How do I create a realm?
How do I integrate HyperVIBES into my protocol?
How can I infuse an NFT?
How do I claim infused tokens?
What NFTs can I infuse via HyperVIBES?
What tokens can I infuse via HyperVIBES?
How can I contribute?
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